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Форум » Профессии и что с ними связано » Magician, Wizard & Sage, High Wizard & Scholar » квест на виза
квест на виза
DukeДата: Воскресенье, 31.08.2008, 09:01 | Сообщение # 1
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Существует 3 варианта теста.

1 вариант

1. What ISN'T required for fire wall?
-Napalm Beat Lv 4

2. What happens to a monster's element after it's frozen by Frost Diver?
-Changes to Water

3. When you max out Napalm Beat, how many times matk will the dmg be?

4. What item is required for stone curse?
-Red Gem

5. What isn't required for Safety Wall?
-Ice Wall Lv 7

6. How much SP will you regain every 10 sec with lvl 7 SP Rec.?

7. You have 50% SP, how much dmg will Energy Coat reduce and how much sp will it use?
-dmg18%, SP2%

8. Lvl 6 Safety Wall sp consumtion, and number of hits absorbed?
-SP 35, 7hits

9. Lv. 10 Thunder Storm's Sp Consume

10. What would be a good skill to use in Byalan Dungeon?
-Lightning Bolt

Вариант 2:

1. What drops a slot guard?

2. Which monster is the easiest for magicians?

3. What monster is completly immune to Stone Curse?
-Evil Druid

4. How much dmg do you do with a wind spell to a Water 3 monster?

5. Baby Desert Wolves vs Familiar, which one wins?
-Baby Desert Wolf

6. Which monster can't be tamed as a pet?
-Roda Frog

7. Which monster is weak against fire?
-Hammer Goblin

8. Which monster has the highest magic def?

9. Pick the monster that doesn't belong.

10. Which is not a undead?

Вариант 3:

1. What is the most important stat for a Wizard?

2. Which element doesn't have a bolt spell?

3. What is NOT a characteristic of a Wizard?
-Good at selling stuff

4. Which town is the home of Wizards?

5. Which card has nothing to do with INT?
-Soldier Andre Card

6. What is superior about the mage class compared to others?
-Exceptional Magic Skills

7. What is the INT bonus at job lvl 40?

8. Which Item can't be equiped by mages?

9. During the mage test, which stone is NOT one of the Catalysts?
-Red Blood

10. Which card has nothing to do with magic?
-Magnolia Card

Если вы провалили практическое испытание с мобами, то, прежде чем допустить вас к нему снова, вас попросят пройти "штрафной" тест:

1. Choose the monster with a different attribute.

2. Choose the one that is not a looting monster.

3. Which monster does not recognize casting?

4. Сhoose the spell that would be efficient against a Marine Sphere.
-Lighting bolt

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Форум » Профессии и что с ними связано » Magician, Wizard & Sage, High Wizard & Scholar » квест на виза
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